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Your Travel Style

What’s your travel style, and what exactly are you looking for here? 

I’ve been travelling for the last ten years, and travel blogging for nine. I’ve seen more than I ever imagined, and in more ways than I knew possible. 

From backpacking around Asia and the USA, to seeing India in style, and staying in bigger hotel rooms than I even knew existed.

Review of Yab Yum Goa

I’ve travelled by boat across the Philippines and Croatia, by cruise around Scandinavia and the Caribbean, taken tours in Tanzania and Kenya, and road trips across America. I lived as a digital nomad for three years, picking up Wi-Fi where I could and just chilling where I couldn’t. 

In the last year my home country of England has held a new fascination and interest for me. I love to hike here, to camp, to go on road trips and just to explore a wonderful country. I now live in Southsea, a cool, kinda artsy / hipster place on the beach in Portsmouth, Hampshire. Love it here! 

Budapest cool things to do

Along the way of course I’ve spent way to many hours in many, many airports. I’ve travelled across Zambia and Malawi by bus, among other places, and got from A to B as much as possible via train.

I’ve explored the beaches of Greece and the Caribbean in the best way possible – by sunbathing and relaxing. 

I love my bike and plan to do some more cycling trips to add to the length of Vietnam, and of France, that I’ve done before. After some time off, I’ve fallen back in love with camping. In fact, this is where I see the future of VickyFlipFlop – wandering across a field somewhere in the UK and wild camping at the end of it.

I’ve volunteered, I’ve signed up to yoga and wellness camps, I’ve travelled in winter and I’ve skied and snowboarded around the world. I’ve also seen the whole cast of the Lion King, from lions, to meerkats to warthogs, around the world in the wild and nature preserves. But we all know, some of the most incredible scenes of nature are found underwater

I’m not really sure of my travel style – over the last nine years it’s changed with the weather. Good news for you as it means there’s something for everyone!

skiing around the world

Basically I am one lucky, lucky woman, and I want to use my experiences to help more women travel as much as possible. Whether it’s the travel tech we can use to help us, or the initial confidence it takes to get there. 

Use me and abuse me (well, maybe not that) but all I want is to help you travel more, see more and be happy, on whatever budget you have. 

I started this blog as a way to share my 3-month European adventure – that was ten years ago now.

Since then I’ve travelled to 77 countries – many of them solo – been to over 60 festivals, done 23 epic road trips, and even cycled the length of Vietnam.

Knowing I’ve helped others to travel like I have makes me so happy. I’ve written over 1000 blog posts about my adventures, so have a good look around!

Let’s come up with wishlists and bucket lists together, and let me help you achieve it! 


What’s your travel style?

What do you want to know more about?

How can I help? 

Click the links in the text and you’ll be taken to a magical world. If not, then leave a comment below – or message me on social media. I love to help!